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Regatta log – Ziarul Financiar 2019

Regatta Log – Ziarul Financiar (5.07-7.07.2019)

The second leg of Romania CUP Alpha Bank – regatta Ziarul Financiar – took place at the end of last week at Mangalia.
Redlotus Sailing Team participated in class B, together with other 21 sail boats in this race category.

The event had 2 racing days completly different one form another: a costal race (saturday, 06.07) with low wind an d multiple twists, and 2 inshore races (sunday, 7.07) with high wind (20+kn) and increasing gusts.

It was the most complicated regatta so far for our team, after the missed start in the costal race and a tactical decision which followed, together with the decision to retire from the second inshore race (conisdering the increasing risc of damage to the sail plan and boat). Result: 15th place (out of 21) in B category.

We learned a lot from this regatta and we look forward, the next competition taking place at the end of July,

Congratulations to the organizors and the Race Comitee and thumbs up for the winners of this regatta – you did a great job!

#redlotussailingteam #cosanostra #keepcloseandsailwithus

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