Regatta news 2019

National Yachting Championship – 2019

Sfarsit de Campionat National, sfarsit de sezon 2019. Echipaj Redlotus Sailing Team, cu a sa ambarcatiune Cosa Nostra, a obtinut locul 5 la clasa ORC B,(respectiv loc 8 la clasa combinata ORC A&B).
A fost un campionat national intens, surprinzator, cu multa munca si multe lucruri invatate.

Dat fiind faptul ca este primul an de competitie la clasa ORC B pentru echipajul nostru , consideram rezultatul a fi unul bun si ne motiveaza in setarea obiectivelor pentru anul 2020. (Avem speranta ca spiritul de fair-play si de colegialitate va prevala in sezoanele ce vor urma, chiar daca emotiile uneori sunt dominante)

Felicitari celor de pe podium si tuturor celor ce au participat, multumiri de asemenea organizatorilor si oficialilor de cursa pentru efortul depus.

Multumim frumos sponsorilor nostri pentru sezonul 2019: Kale Locks (prin TS Locks Distribution –, Tema Energy (, Uniline-TCS ( si GZK Company !

Sa ne vedem cu bine in sezonul 2020!

Keep close and sail with us!

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Regatta news 2019

Participare Regatta IT 2019 (echipaj UNILINE TCS)

Salutam participarea echipajului UNILINE TCS – Tema Energy la Regatta IT 2019 (organizata de Soflead, la Limanu, in weekend-ul ce a trecut ) la bordul ambarcatiunii noastre – COSA.

Felicitari UNILINE TCS – Tema Energy (cu Florin Olteanu la eche) !

Regatta news 2019

Regatta log – Poseidon 2019

Dream team. Regatta Poseidon 2019.

A big Thank You to the organizers and all competitors. It has been a real pleasure!

Extraordinary offshore race and great training session for the National Championship to come.

Keep close and sail with us!

Photo credits: @Yachting info

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Regatta news 2019

Regatta log – Ziarul Financiar 2019

Regatta Log – Ziarul Financiar (5.07-7.07.2019)

The second leg of Romania CUP Alpha Bank – regatta Ziarul Financiar – took place at the end of last week at Mangalia.
Redlotus Sailing Team participated in class B, together with other 21 sail boats in this race category.

The event had 2 racing days completly different one form another: a costal race (saturday, 06.07) with low wind an d multiple twists, and 2 inshore races (sunday, 7.07) with high wind (20+kn) and increasing gusts.

It was the most complicated regatta so far for our team, after the missed start in the costal race and a tactical decision which followed, together with the decision to retire from the second inshore race (conisdering the increasing risc of damage to the sail plan and boat). Result: 15th place (out of 21) in B category.

We learned a lot from this regatta and we look forward, the next competition taking place at the end of July,

Congratulations to the organizors and the Race Comitee and thumbs up for the winners of this regatta – you did a great job!

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Regatta news 2019

Regatta log – Seanergya 2019

Regatta Log: Seanergya Regatta 2019

Redlotus Sailing Team took part at the end of last week at Seanergya reggata, the first regatta of 2019 season in Romania, being part of ORC 1 class. Two days full of adrenaline, tense moments at the start line and a lot of training.

During these two days, the crew members had clearly understood their “job descriptions” and have practiced the necessary manouvers for different wind angles encountered. The training objective for this event has been reached and we look forward for the next regatta.

The final results are correct, considering the current level of training of the crew and familiarity with the new racing sail boat: 10th place (out of 17th boats registered for ORC 1 class).

We would like to thank the organizer – Seanergya – Cosmin Andronic and Oana Sima, and we would like to congratulate the occupants of the first 3 positions: Hope Sailing, Quebramar (Iulia) and LZ Yachting for a great race, and all the other participants too!

Regatta news 2019

Regatta log – Varna Channel Cup 2019

Regatta log: Varna Channel Cup 2019

During an electrifying weekend, Redlotus Sailing Team has participated together with the fastest racer sailboats of our Bulgarian friends at Varna Channel Cup, in ORC A class. (We found out later that we ware the only Romanian sailboat who had registered and participated at this year edition of Varna Channel Cup, somehow saving the honor).

After a long transfer which led to arrival in Varna on Thursday after 24:00, we competed in 3 inshore races on Friday in front of Varna port. The medium wind and the pouring rain which did not stop until 16:00 created a day we will not forget soon. Results after first day of races: 8 place out of 10 – ORC A.

Saturday there were scheduled 2 offshore races on the channel. The first with medium wind and strong gusts and the second one with a wind fall which practically “froze” the boats upwind. Although we ware the first to identify the stern breeze and get back in motion, overtaking several racers, in the end it did not matter since the race had been canceled due to the time limit.

For civic reasons, on Sunday we return to Romania, so we could not compete in the last inshore races, unfortunately.

An amazing adventure, which we will not forget soon, being also the first training session of our team in 2019 season. We identified a few things to improve on our boat and we have a lot to work with ourselves in order to obtain full potential of this beautiful Cosa Nostra(Archambault Grand Surprise).
A big thank you to the organizers of Varna Channel Cup, LZ Yachting 1991- Lachezar Bratoev ( we made a promise, we kept it and we hope to return to Varna in the future!)

Second team training – coming soon: Seanergya regatta, this weekend!

Keep close and sail with us!

Photo credits: Yachting info

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Regatta news 2019

Participating at Varna Channel Cup regatta

Redlotus Sailing Team will be participating at Varna Channel Cup Regatta 2019 and we are really excited to share this with you!