NEW! Miles Building – Saronic 2021 (October) – 3rd Edition

The Saronic Islands feature some of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations in all of Greece. This route is perfect for those looking for an authentic Greek island sailing experience. The sailing consists of calmer seas, shorter sail times, and opportunities for longer swim stops between islands. The Saronic Archipelago is renowned for its lush landscape, stunning neoclassical architecture, and vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. These islands give you the opportunity to visit archaeological sites, cliff jump into the Aegean, hike ancient paths, and take donkey rides through cobblestone streets.   Join us for a week of adventure and exploration in the famous Saronic Archipelago, while gathering important practice and experience on board a recent sailing yacht in great condition (details below). You will be able to practice: med mooring maneuvers, develop you navigation skills, anchoring maneuvers, port formalities, traffic separation maneuvers, and many more.



    • Sailing Time Between Islands: 4-8 Hours
    • Winds & Sea Conditions: Generally Mild
    • Architecture: Colorful, Neoclassical


Come on board our beautiful selection of  sailing yachts Oceanis 46.1 (2020)and Oceanis 51.1(2020) with 4(or 5) double cabins and 4 bathrooms and raise the anchor in pursuit of a miles building cruise in the gorgeous Saronic archipelago! 

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