Catamaran Yoga & Sailing Week-Editia 2

The Ionian Islands lie scattered off the west coast of Greece, from Corfu in the north to Kythira in the south (actually to the south of the Peleponnese). The other five major islands – bringing the total to seven, as the archipelago’s traditional name, Heptanese, implies – are Paxos, Lefkada, Cephalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos.

The sailing consists of calmer seas, shorter sail times, and opportunities for longer swim stops between islands.

The Ionian Islands boast a tantalizing mix of superb beaches, turquoise waters, walking trails, sleepy villages, buzzing towns, delicious food, excellent water sports and plenty of history.

Sailing Time Between Islands: 2-4 Hours
Winds & Sea Conditions: Generally Mild
Architecture: Colorful

Each Morning we will start with a yoga practice, depending on where we will be, we will combine asana practice (postures) with breathing techniques and meditation tulles. This practice before breakfast will give us enough energy to sail and enjoy the day.

The Evening Practice will be adjusted on the your physical needs in order to stretch out the eventual tensions accumulated during the day, preparing us for a wonderful lunch and a good time on the island we visit.

After lunch, on some occasions we will arrange discussions on Yoga topics at the group choice like karma (lows of actions) dharma (purpose of life) yamas and nyama (yoga life conduit) or what ever curiosities or questions you all might have.

Practice:   1.30 Hours/practice 2 practices a day
Intensity of the practice    Generally mild, adapted to the group
Outcome:  Peace of mind and lightness in the body

The Sailing Program

The Yoga Program

Come on board a beautiful Lagoon 42  and raise the in pursuit of a tranquil cruise in the gorgeous Ionian archipelago!